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Maxine Trottier. Three Songs for Courage
Tundra Books  $22.99  ISBN 0-88776-745-1  321 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 13

Gordon Westley, and his three best friends, call themselves The Lakers. He is sixteen years old, and can drive. God forbid, if he doesn’t drive his car, The Chief, around town at least one hundred times before the summer is over. It is 1956, and when you are a teenager, it is the best time to live it up.

The summer story is composed of heartbreak, love, lust and death. Things are perfectly normal for The Lakers, until that fateful night, when Gordon comes home to see his father crying in the doorframe. “He’s gone.”

This novel had me captivated from the start. I loved the way the characters were introduced, and how they all had nicknames. The book was about a sixteen year-old boy, yet it was laced with the tragedy of the World War. His grandfather and others, who live in Lake Erie, are greatly affected by the wars they once had to fight. It comes up a lot in this book, and creates a wonderful story line. Gordon falls in love, he fights the loss of a loved one, and it all seemed so real to me! I could hardly keep myself from crying. I was that attached to the people in the book.

Revenge is a powerful feeling, and I find that it is expressed, more than only a few times. This novel is guaranteed to make you think. It was an awesome novel. I recommend this book for thirteen years and up. It is a mature read, and should be kept for older readers.

Five out of five! I could hardly wait to say that, right from the first page in. It is a wonderful edition to Maxine Trottier’s collection.


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