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Melissa De Le Cruz. Blue Bloods
Hyperion Books  $21.99  ISBN 0-7868-3892-2  298pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

Schuyler Van-Alen is a normal fifteen year-old. She’s gone to a private school since she was in kindergarten. Her two best friends are Oliver Hazard-Perry and Dylan Ward. Together, they are social outcasts, because of the way they act and dress. The novel also includes the ever popular and snooty, Mimi Force. Her twin brother Jack Force is on the football team, and the two make a great pair in the popular crowd. A new girl comes to school. Her name is Bliss Llewellyn. She only wants to fit in. She’s from Texas, and between her accent and eccentric clothing, her school year doesn’t start off the best.

These six teenagers are soon brought together, with the death of a fellow student. Next thing they know, they are all being called to a committee meeting where some discover what they really are, Blue Bloods, an ancient race of vampires.

Once I read the back cover of this book I was immediately intrigued.  I read the word ‘vampire’ and I simply had to read it! Blue Bloods is a great story that shows the hardships of high school and family, as well as the added mystery of the Blue Bloods. The people introduced into the story are all very different; all have unique personalities. I liked how the author took time to mold each character into something special. Most people view vampires as having long fangs on their canine teeth and that you can fend them off with a wooden stake and garlic. Melissa De Le Cruz changes that theory completely. I’ll not tell you though, that might ruin the book. I just have to say, that it was very well written, and I enjoyed reading it.  A mature read that I would recommend to thirteen-year-olds and up.

Five stars! Blue Bloods will catch your attention, and change your previous perceptions about vampires into something totally new.


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