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Roy MacGregor. The Complete Screech Owls Volume Three
McClelland & Stewart  $19.99  ISBN 0-7710-5489-0  432 pg.
Reviewed by Mathew, Age 12

First, Travis and his hockey team, the Screech Owls, are invited to a once in a lifetime Junior Olympics at the Big Hat arena in Nagano, Japan. 

There, Travis and his friends chase a murderer, including a few close brushes with death themselves.  Then, they find themselves riding like the wind away from a dinosaur in Calgary while staying at Kelly Block’s Mental Block’s camp. These plus two more exciting and suspenseful stories can be found in this 4-story paperback.

Roy MacGregor is the author of the Complete Screech Owls series. Some of his other books include; Canoe Lake, Road Games, The Seven A.M. Practice, A Life in the Bush, Escape, The Last Season, A Loonie for Luck and, of course, The Complete Screech Owls Volumes One and Two.  Now living in Kanata, Ontario, Roy MacGregor works for the Globe and Mail and is also a minor hockey coach.

One of the many reasons that I enjoyed reading this book is because no matter how many times I read it, I never seemed to get bored of the same story.  I just kept reading it and reading it and it turned out that I was just as excited the first time I read it as the second time, third time, and even the fourth!

I give The Complete Screech Owls Volume Three 4 stars.


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