Colin, Age 13, Vancouver, BC

Quivering lips.
Shaking hands.
A Trembling heart.

My wings lift me
Higher into the heavens.
The darkness blinds me,
But I urge my wings on.
They are worn out and beaten
From years of windstorms,
Yet- they go on.

Suddenly Iím plunging down:
With a cold sickness,
I hit the barren earth.
A waterfall of feathers follow soon after.
I glance slightly at my wings,
The feathers have all gone with the night wind.

Groaning with pain,
I raise myself up from the freezing earth.
My arms, legs, and torso
Are characterised by bruises.
Sitting upright,
I stare at the empty, lifeless sky.
One Question: Why?
I had climbed so high,
Just when I was able to touch the Heavens,
Why was I dragged down when I had gone that far?
I had sacrificed my whole lifeÖ
I am ready to give up-
But, somewhere in me, I feel an urge,
An urge to succeed against all odds-
It burns inside me like a candle
It flickers in the wind, yet it never relinquishes.

Here I sit-
I am waiting for the sun to rise,
I am waiting for a new day.

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