Sarah's Stars

Dennis Foon. The Dirt Eaters
Annick Press  $12.95  ISBN 1-55037-806-6  312 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

Roan lives in tranquility and peace in his town of Longlight, until everything comes crashing down around him. In an invasion of masked riders, he loses everything and everyone he has ever loved. At fifteen years old, he has nowhere else to go, no one else to trust.

That is until the Brothers come, and then a whole new life is shown to him. He lives with them, and learns their ways. Now Roan is torn between his old ways of refusing to fight, and his new life of violence and longing for revenge.

This novel is extraordinary. It is creative and mysterious, full of deceit and adversity. The script brings the story vividly to life.

It comes at night, it has a bite,
And leaves its stinger in you.
You will not cry, you will not die,
But one wrong word will kill you.

                      ---Lore of the Storytellers

he Dirt Eaters, the first book in The Longlight Legacy trilogy by Dennis Foon, deserves five out of five stars. The descriptions are indescribable.

You can find this novel, or Freewalker, Book 2, in bookstores or a library near you (Book 3: The Keeper’s Shadow  coming this Fall).


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