Katie, Age 12, Chilliwack, BC

Left out. Betrayed. Lonely. That's how I felt. Three weeks my best friend and I had planned to have a special sleepover. One day before our sleepover I called her to ask her about it. She stated that she "couldn't".

"Why?", I asked but she just insisted that she "couldn't". I hung up the phone feeling empty. After some thinking, I assumed that her family must have something planned. But then again - why wouldn't she tell me? Was it something secretive enough to not share with one of her best friends? Sure enough, she and another friend had made uhh.. different plans. Plans that would make even ME want to persist. The mall, the greatest of them all, movies, and then a sleepover in a tent with lots of candy and popcorn. Who wouldn't?

Would I? I ask myself. No, I wouldn't. Am I mean enough to blow someone off just for some new clothes or a movie? No, I'm not. Does she feel, dare I say, sorry? Or even guilty? Probably not. But if she knew how many tears went down my face and how angry and disappointed I was when she told me she "couldn't", then... maybe. Yes, maybe.

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