Sarah's Stars

Madonna. The English Roses
Callaway  $28.00   ISBN 0-670-04482-2  46 pg.
Reviewed by Ariana, Age 10

"Her name was Binah, and her are some things you should know about her:  She was very, very beautiful.  She had long, silky hair and skin like milk and honey.  She was an excellent student and very good at sports.  She was always kind to people.  She was special.  But she was sad.”

Have you ever heard of the English Roses?  Here is what they are not:
A box of chocolates
A football team
Flowers growing in the garden.

And here’s what they are:
Four little girls named Nicole, Amy, Charlotte, and Grace, and they are a little bit jealous of Binah, their neighbour.  Okay, a lot jealous.  But then, one night, they all have a dream that changes the way they think about her.

I thought The English Roses was a wonderful story with good illustrations.  It contains the age old lesson, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, and brought it into a fairly modern English story aimed mostly at preteen girls to remind them to have open minds about other people, their personalities, and their situations.

I rate The English Roses 5 out of 5 stars!


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