Randie, Age 14, Atlanta, GA

While walking down the street - I could feel his eyes watching me. I sensed his temptation and it burned me with curiosity. I tried my best not to look up; but I couldn't resist. I almost fainted from shock when our eyes met. He was as chocolate as a Hershey's Kiss, and had the eyes of a parasite. He said nothing, but his stare... his stare was so hypnotizing. For what felt like hours I contemplated whether or not to walk up to him, but as I tried to move I was stuck with pure amazement. I never felt anything quite like this before -this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was ready to walk through that door.

Then all of a sudden he walked away as if nothin' had happened, but I still felt his presence there. All of a sudden I praised the ground he walked so smoothly on. Then I tried to put his affect on me in words. I went home lost; ready to go to sleep, just to wake up again. Even though I didn't know him; the thought of never seeing him - I could not stand.

And sure enough, there he was. I smiled, he smiled back, and I saw angels dancing in Heaven. Perfect bliss is what I felt just by standing a few feet from him. Somethin' about him made me feel like he understood or could understand anything that has ever gone on in my life.

We continued to walk by each other, never saying a word - but we communicated with our eyes, we were in our world. I still hadn't learned his name and of that I wasn't ashamed because I felt I knew his game. From a distance I admired his confidence and everything else about him that called my eyes to attention.

Then one day I got sick of just contemplating and wondering about our future. I had to find out his name, a name I felt I already knew. But instead of stressin' I kept my cool. I walked up with confidence because I was sure that he could read me with his stare. He had changed positions. He was relaxed with his back against a tree. I asked him his name and he said, "it is.....


Now I knew why he was so familiar. I hadn't seen him in so long. I never thought I would see the day when Poetry grew up. All those years I had stopped talkin' to him; because I thought that there were bigger and better things - but too easily I had forgotten that everything that I had become he had helped shape. I thought he had forgotten about me, because I had surely forgotten about him. But he remembered me plain as day and then I realized nothin' had changed. Our relationship was still the same, we had something time and age couldn't erase. I remembered that to me he was greater than any living matter. His effect always left me in shock, in pain - but he worked like ecstasy and kept me sane.

All those years I had played him. He stayed forever true to me our bond, goes beyond reality - so no longer will I hide it. He has been entwined with the blood flowing through my veins. He's the heart - beat of my soul, everybody is going to know that.

             I am...
             I am in...
             I am in love...
             I am in love with ....

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