Freed from My Cage
Hailey, Age 12, Chilliwack, BC

Trying to be different in a world all the same
Forced to be like everybody else in an endless line
No creativity just blank, empty minds
Somebody help, I'm trapped in a box
Claustrophobia sets in
Tighter, tighter--snap
I'm set free let me fly away
I'm a white dove freed from her cage
Watch me fly
Fly, fly away

I Never
I was glad to have friends
I didn't know you
Too bad it never stayed that way
But just hear me out
I was never your friend

I liked your clothes
and style although too tight and outrageous
Your hair was cute and it
felt good being nice to you
But just hear me out
I never envied you

You talked behind my back
I thought you liked me
You pretended to, and still do because everyone else likes me
But hear me out
I never pretended

You "liked someone"
I backed off
I liked someone you flirted
I complained, you wondered why he didn't like you
I never stole your boyfriend
(Yours was too much of a jerk it wouldn't be worth it)

I was best friends with someone
You decided to steal them away
You're jealous of me, why? Because I'm better than you
You know it
I never stole your friends
(What friends, might I add)

Go consult your goal setter
While I'm here being better
Just remember
I never

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