A Square of Happy
Kate, Age 12, West Vancouver, BC

Even if you feel so bad that you wanna die,
You always gotta think of your very favourite pie,
Apple or blueberry or maybe peanut butter,
Just eat a slice and feel nice,
spread your wings and flutter,
Deep deep down, way inside
you might not know it's there,
But everyone has a square
of happy but you just might not know where.
So if you're feeling sick or sad
there's no need to feel so bad,
Or if you can't go out at all,
not even just to the mall,
You gotta remember that slice of your favourite pie,
and then you might not wanna die.
And no matter how you feel,
how sad, or down, or bad, or mad, or blue,
just always member that piece of pie
and that I'll always love you.

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