Sarah's Stars

Brenda Chapman.  Hiding in Hawk’s Creek
Napoleon  $9.95  ISBN 1-894917-24-3  133 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 12

Brenda Chapman is an excellent author whose books are compelling and brimming with action.  Save this book for a rainy afternoon when you can curl up and just read cover to cover.  Suitable for readers ages 10 to about 15, but the older reader would probably appreciate it the most.

Hiding in Hawk’s Creek is about fourteen-year-old, Jennifer Bannon and one very exciting summer that she spends with her grandmother in tranquil Hawk’s Creek.  Soon after she arrives she realizes that even this diminutive town there still is a vast number of secrets.  Most of these secrets involve the mysterious actions of the Musquash family.  The locals believe that it is Audrey Musquash that is causing all the problems around town, but after Jenny talks to Audrey herself she learns the truth behind all the peculiar activities.  Will she be able to set the record straight, before something even more drastic happens?

Hiding In Hawk’s Creek deserves 4 shining stars.


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