How Can We?
Hailey, Age 12, Chilliwack, BC

Imagine: Food every few days, walking miles for dirty water, feeling unsafe in your own home which probably is just a mud hut, full of bugs and ratty blankets. Think about this: hockey, basketball, and baseball players and celebrities doing nothing for millions of dollars a year, which they blow on fancy things, extravagant homes and 5+ expensive cars, partying and living carefree. Their biggest problem is a disagreement with another rich celebrity. They ALL have/had some disorder like depression, anorexia or bulimia, or have gone to rehab.. Celebrities come out with loads of problems to make it on the cover of a magazine and get paid.

Do you think this is fair? No. But people eat it up. Oh, and Iíve forgotten about singers and rappers, so called ďartistsĒ who have no talent but still get paid and have their faces splattered across numerous tabloids and all over TV.

How can we be living so different, yet in the same year?

Gases, exhaust, chemicals and more are released into our fresh air everyday and no one notices. The hole in the O-Zone layer gets larger and larger. No one notices. Ice caps melt, trees are cut down and whales are killed. But thus, thereís multiple organizations working against these issues.

War is an ugly word. War is an ugly thing. Countries don't stop fighting and armies keep on bombing. Innocent people are killed, just because of what their government is angry about. Is this fair? NO. How can we be like this, how can this continue? Why don't we stop?

Schools are not providing proper education or environment. Kids are dropping out and the ones who stay in arenít prepared for college because their school curriculum isnít made for 2006.

The people who have power to change, and are in position to make change do not change. Instead, they simply back down. Regular people don't have resources and don't know how. And, they don't care. People only care about themselves, what clothes they wear and what they have. How can we be so self involved and ignorant?

Hereís a message: do something. If not, youíre probably like most people who don't. But hereís a thought: instead of thinking only of yourself, think about the other people in the world. About the people you share the world with. You don't own this place, you simply share it with more than 7 billion other people. So, next time someone is angry at you, don't automatically go into defense mode. Think of them and everyone else. Just think, how can we? How can we do all this stuff, cause so much damage and not even acknowledge it. How can we?

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