Sarah's Stars

Terry Griggs. Invisible Ink
Raincoast Books  $12.95  ISBN 1-55192-833-7  260 pg.
Reviewed by Rachael, Age 13

“Don’t step on my shoes,” snarled the little guy. “Or I’ll turn you into a piece of cheese.”

I wouldn’t want that.” Olivier had to smile. The garage sale must have drawn some real oddballs out of Sylvia’s neighbourhood.

When Olivier’s step-step-stepgramma, Sylvia, decides to have a garage sale, you can bet that something fishy will ensue. Many strange customers arrive including a rather grubby little fellow named Alvis, and an eerie man called Professor Blank.  Olivier finds himself running for his life, escaping to the Dark Woods! Along with his friends Sylvan, Linnet, and of course Murray, plus an old, cracked empty inkwell, and one ordinary stone, Olivier sets off on a very mysterious journey.

Invisible Ink is the third book in the Cat’s Eye Corner series.  I found that it was both magical and exciting. I loved the fact that it was right at my reading level, but suitable for ages 10-14. And how it combined a real-life senario, with chunks of fantasy and magic squished in the middle. I give Invisible Ink 4 scorching stars! It was a fun read, and I really enjoyed it!


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