Know That I Love You
Amy, Age 14, Merced, CA

Itís not supposed to be this way
Canít you see?
You have to get better!
I donít want you to die!

They said you were getting better
And that the cancer was going away
But they were wrong
And the cancer is killing you

The last time I visited
I told myself Iíd be back
I told you that I loved you
And hugged you good-bye

I didnít know
I wouldnít ever see you again
I want to go back
And give you one last hug

We arenít allowed to visit
But even though I canít see you
Know that I love you
And that Iíll always remember you

I donít want this to happen
Youíre a fighter and
Youíve been fighting for so long
Donít give up now

I want my little brother
To have lots of memories of you
You have to live long enough
To let that happen

Just keep fighting it
Donít give up
We need you
Here with us

Youíve missed so much of my life
When you weíre sick
Please get better
I want to share the rest with you

Iím doing things for you
Iím going to see your favorite team play
In honor of you
I wish you could be there with me

I donít want you to go
Iím already missing you so much
Iím missing our hikes, your stories
And everything about you

I donít know if you can hear me
But know that I love you
And that Iíll cherish my memory of you

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