Leaving the Nest
Sona, Age 12, Ladysmith, BC

The excited, young bird left his nest in a tree
"Goodbye, my friend, Goodbye!" said he.

He ruffles his feathers with pride,
Because, of course, he is now able to fly.

Wobbling through the air unsteady,
He flaps hard to a branch, quite ready,

To jump off, and try flying again,
This time reaching farther, and higher, to a friend,

Who is obviously quite concerned,
for that little, adventurous bird,

And asks, "Do you need a hand, there,
You look like a beginner to the air!"

"I am quite alright, thank you sir,
I know what I'm doing, I'm really eager,

To fly on my own, without any support
I'm trying hard to be a good sport!

My mother has taught me well, I'm afraid,
So you shan't try to help, not right today!"

The older bird tips his head sideways,
As if saying goodbye, with a wistful gaze.

Later on, the bird reaches another tree,
This time not so wobbly,

And lands with terrific speed
With no need for help, indeed!

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