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Eleanor Updale.  Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman?
Scholastic  $8.99  ISBN 0-439-58036-6  333 pg.
Reviewed by Jordan, Age 12

London, 1875

The map of the sewers, now implanted into his mind because of the humiliation on the stages, could be the guide to his future of crime. The tunnels were a new and secret route around London, serving, indeed, the richest areas, where the most profitable thieving could be done.

After a thief falls through a glass roof running from the police, a new, young doctor, Doctor Robert Farcett, heals the thief. Montmorency becomes an exhibit at medical gatherings to show off Farcettís skill. But during the medical gatherings, Montmorency learns of the newest creation, the sewers. In his jail cell, Montmorency has time to plan his future of crime when he is released. He needs a new escape route, and the sewers will work perfectly for that job. When he is released he wreaks havoc in the streets of London, thieving from countless jewelry stores, and becomes two people, a rich, noble man by the name of Montmorency, and a seedy, vile man named Scarper. Montmorency and Scarper must be careful, or else it would be back to the jail cell for them, or him.

Eleanor Updale is a modern day DaVinci when it comes to books. FINALLY!! THE GOOD GUYS DIDNíT WIN!! Geez, I donít know about you, but I was getting really annoyed at how the good guy always wins. Eleanor Updale soaked this book with thirst-quenching suspense that I craved. I am no longer dehydrated! This is author Eleanor Updaleís first ever novel, and judging by Montmorency, her career will live on.

There is a lot to say about this book, but Iíll try to fit it all into one teensy, weensy sentence, okay? Montmorency is clear, exciting, made me want to read and read until my eyes fell out of their sockets (well maybe not that much), full of suspense and when the story settles down it still manages to catch my interest, clever, no, brilliant, and definitely worthy of my seal of approval as a 5 star book. How was that for one sentence?


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