A Night in Tofino
Sona, Age 12, Ladysmith, BC

The crest of the moon,
The shape of a c,
Shining down on Tofino
On a foggy night.

So many nocturnal
Creatures busy at work;
Scuttling, jumping,
Busy digging holes in the sand.

So few diurnal animals awake,
All mostly sleeping quietly
In their nest, burrows, and
Dense thickets.

The waves crash loudly
Against the shore
Like a small, enjoyable

Silently, a cougar waiting to pounce,
The sun slowly makes its way up,
Until it hits the horizon
Giving a warm glow of satisfaction.

All of Tofino is brightened
With a new light of blue, red and gold,
The stars quickly disappear,
And a new day has come.

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