Sarah's Stars

Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout.  Now Starring Vivien Leigh Reid: Diva in Training
St. Martinís Griffin  $13.95  ISBN 0-312-33839-2  242 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 12

The main character Vivien Leigh Reid, AKA Leigh, is spending the summer with her actress mother, Annika Anderson.  Leigh hasnít spent much time with her mother, as she left soon after Leigh was born, moving on to bigger and better things, and she rarely hears from her. Until last year. Out of the blue, she suddenly wants Leigh to spend the summer with her in Ireland where she is currently working on a movie. They decide that Leigh should come to LA and enroll in a first-class acting workshop. Summer proves to be harder than anyone expected!  Leigh is turning into the spoiled diva she vowed to never become and Annika doesnít help the situation one bit.  Will they both be able to overcome their obstacles?

This is a top-notch book that is full of real-life lessons, which we all can learn from.  It is amazing how these authors capture the many emotions and opinions of a young movie star.  After you start, you can barely set the book down, so set aside an afternoon to curl up and enjoy.    I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 11, as Leigh is older, and suggest that you read Book I (Introducing Vivien Leigh Reid: Daughter of the Diva) first.

Now Starring Vivien Leigh Reid: Diva in Training  deserves 5 shining stars.


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