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D. J. MacHale.  Pendragon: The Rivers of Zadaa
Aladdin $9.50  ISBN 978-0-689-86912-9  405 pg.
Reviewed by Keegan, Age 13

It began with a battle.

A nasty one. Then again, is there such thing as a nice battle? I guess this one seemed especially vicious because it was over something so trivial. At least thatís what I thought at the time. At stake was a couple gallons of water. Iím serious. Regular old everyday water. Not exactly the kind of thing youíd expect a group of professional warriors to fight to the death over, but thatís not the way here on the territory of Zadaa. Water here is more valuable than food, more valuable than treasure. Itís even more valuable than life. I know. Iíve seen people risk theirs to get a few precious drops.

The Rivers of Zadaa
is the sixth book in a New York Times best-selling series. Bobby Pendragon has travelled to Zadaa to prevent Saint Dane from taking over Halla, which is every time, place, and person. On this territory the two tribes, the Rokador and the Batu, are fighting over food and water. Bobby and his friend Loor are on a mission to stop them from going to war.

I would recommend that you read the first five novels before this one because you will have some trouble understanding who Bobby is, what heís fighting for and why heís on Zadda. You will also be very confused by who Mark and Courtney are and their purpose in the story.

The Rivers of Zadaa
is a great book; you can actually feel the intensity when Loor is fighting the Zhou beast for a newly found well. I think the book was written very well. I think it would be more suitable for kids twelve and up. It has lots of description and an ending that will knock you off your feet. I found that I couldnít put it down, especially during a climax. I canít wait for the next installment.

I give The Rivers of Zadaa five out of five stars.


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