Hailey, Age 12, Chilliwack, BC

Would you tell a butterfly, not to fly because its spots were a different color?
Would you tell a tree not to grow because it was deformed?
Of course not.
Then why do we tell same-gender-couples it is against the law to get married,
when it is an act of love?
Why do we tell same-gender-couples they arenít allowed to adopt children, when
so many need homes?

Would you tell the wind not to blow because you didnít have a jacket?
Would you tell the waves not to roll because you were sick?
Of course not.
Then why do we tell women they canít be pastors, when God loves us all, and
doesnít care if we are a boy or a girl?
Why do we tell Catholic Priestís they can not have a woman in their life when the
world needs love?

Would you tell the sun not to shine?
Would you tell the birds not to sing?
Would you tell the flowers not to grow?
Would you tell the bees not to pollinate?
Of course not.
Then why do we tell black people they canít sit in the front of the bus?
Then why do we tell them, all theyíll ever be good for is to be a slave for some
Why do refuse to give that homeless person some change?
Why do you only keep your money for yourself?

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