Annie, Age 13, Northborough, MA

You see a girl - isolated.
Her skin is different, her hair is different,
She speaks an alien tongue.
What do you do?
Will you ignore her, in fear of change,
Of someone who is not the same?
Will you speak cruelty,
Taunting her skin, mocking her complexion
And her differences in a uniform world?
Or will you accept her- offering friendship,
Kindness, and companionship,
As you should?

We are humans: we are scared.
We are afraid of difference,
And to cover it, we harden our hearts.
But what is gained?
What is accomplished,
On this earth filled with differences?

Look past the mask of coloration, hair and skin.
I see a beautiful heart, of purity and innocence;
I see a diverse heritage,
A varied history behind those cool, calm eyes.
I see a blossoming rose of friendship,
Whose seeds of love will blow in the wind,
Spreading those seeds to all the earth
And blocking out the weeds of prejudice.

When you look at that girl,
What do you see?

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