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Franklin W. Dixon.  Running On Fumes
Aladdin  $6.99  ISBN 1-4169-0003-9  150 pg.
Reviewed by Mathew, Age 12

This time, Frank and Joe Hardyís A.T.A.C. (American Teens Against Crime) case takes them out into the desert.  Upon arriving at the location of the environmentalist camp, they soon find out that it isnít typical environmental methods that it uses to get the message across to people.  Itís more like throwing cans of paint on innocent bystanders and blowing up brand new cars from a dealership.

Franklin W. Dixon wrote Running On Fumes.  Other than this book, I know that he has also written the entire Hardy Boys series.  I think that he is a very imaginative writer that always has more new creative ideas coming through his head.  I have read quite a few of his books, and I must say that the excitement never seems to dwindle, and each and every one of his books are very suspenseful, with a interesting story line that immediately hooks your attention and draws you in.

One reason that I especially liked this book was because of the reality that it has with the world today.  Another reason that I enjoyed reading this book was because it started off slowly, and then gradually started to get more and more suspenseful and then finally ended with a last final part where you just had to finish it otherwise you wouldnít be able to do anything. I would recommend this book for anyone over 10 because of the topics that are part of the storyline.

I give Running On Fumes 5 stars.


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