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Maxine Trottier. Three Songs for Courage
Tundra Books  $22.99  ISBN  0-88776-745-1  324 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah, Age 15

Wesser drove with style. He cranked up the radio, leaned over the steering wheel and sort of wrapped his left arm around the entire thing, and cocked his head a little.  Wesser tried a slight sneer, but he could never hold on to one.  It gave him a cramp in his cheek.  So he settled for what he was sure was a very nonchalant expression.  That he resembled nothing more than a demented Quasimodo never crossed his mind.

Life as a teenager in 1956 is all about the girls, the cars, and of course, the cliques.  Gordon is a ‘Laker’, he drives a ‘50 Pontiac and has the perfect ducks-bottom hair.  It is the summer once again and Gordon plans on making it the best summer of his life.  I don’t think it ends up being the best, but it sure is memorable!

Three Songs for Courage was an amazing book.  The antics of sixteen-year-old Gordon had me laughing out loud at times, wishing I were living with him in his ever-changing world.  Maxine Trottier did an outstanding job portraying the inner workings of teenage groups of boys and the end result was believable and, at times, touching.  The entire story was an incredible mixture of comedy and tragedy.

I think that Three Songs for Courage definitely deserves five stars.  It was an excellent book but I think that it is for readers 14 and up.


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