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Ann Love & Jane Drake. Trash Action
Tundra Books  $22.99   ISBN 0-88776-721-4  76 pg.
Reviewed by Whitney, Age 13

Imagine walking barefoot along a beach, always keeping your steps on the wet sand where the waves wash up onshore. With each step, you leave a clear print; but when you look back, the water washes your footprints away. The fresh unmarked sandy beach reappears. Your human footprint seems insignificant compared to the power of nature. But is it?

Trash Action, a nonfiction book about, you guessed it, trash. Sounds kinda gross, right? Well this book is far from gross. It is interesting and devastating in a way that you are learning what we are really doing to planet earth. Did you know that some ancient civilizations, like the statues on Easter Island, and the people there, were destroyed because people didnít think about the earth and the way it works? This book informs you on ways that you can help save the earth rather than slowly destroy it, bit by bit.

Ann Love & Jane Drake wrote Trash Action. The two authors are sisters, and have shared a life long interest in the environment and the wild. Their goal is to make children more observant of the natural world. They have written many award winning books including Cool Woods and The Kids Winter Cottage Book.

This book was really interesting. I usually hate to read nonfiction, and then was asked to read a book about trash, but this book was an exception. It really showed me, and other people who have read it, that we need to think before we do things to the environment. Think about what will happen if we cut all the trees down. Will it make a difference? Trash Action is a really great book, and if you ever need to do a project, or a debate, try looking at this book, it will really help.

I give Trash Action 5 out of 5 stars.


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