Underground Escape
Alana, Age 10, Alberta, Canada

Nervously I, Bernedette, was hiding among the crowd while searching for Jesus. Just then I saw the Pharisees. They saw me. I tried to run. Then I remembered my crippled leg.

“Hey, you stay right there!” shouted the Pharisees.

“Oh, no - what should I do now” I thought anxiously. I attempted to run, but with my crippled leg I couldn’t run fast. Soon the Pharisees caught me. I tried to escape, but I couldn’t.

“You’re going to be locked up forever, you naughty girl” hissed the Pharisees. I was scared to death.

After they had whipped me and mocked me, they threw me into prison. As they were throwing me into prison, one of the stones on the floor broke.

“How did that happen?” wondered the Pharisees, as I slipped through the hole. But as I slipped through, I was bitten by something. I didn’t know what it was, but I didn’t have time to find out, because just then, I fainted.

When I woke up from my faint, I looked around, and wondered where I was. Then I remembered I was in the tunnels underneath the prison. Frantically I tried to find a way out. But soon I was lost.

“It seems to be getting dark” I thought. It was getting dark, and I was lost. I was terrified.

When it was light, I managed to drag my weary body through the maze of tunnels until I found the exit.

“Yes!” I thought. As I crawled out, I saw something very round and tan-coloured in front of me. When I bumped into it, it turned around, and I saw it was a camel! It charged at me! Quickly, I got up and ran. I ran through the streets of Israel, purely horrified.

“Help!” I screamed, as I ran into a post, head-first.

I yelled ”Ow…” and then, I fainted.

When I regained consciousness, I looked up and saw the camel was still ready to chase me. I got up and ran. I sprinted until I ran into Jesus. He was wearing a light brown robe, and he had a brown beard, and long brown hair. His eyes were full of love and care.

“Am I r-r-r-really t-t-t-talking t-t-to y-y-y-you” I stuttered.

“Yes, you are, my child” Jesus replied lovingly.

Right there and then, I felt like I belonged.

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