Sarah's Stars

Michael Simmons. Vandal
Roaring Brook  $22.95  ISBN 1-59643-070-2  173 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

Will is your every day average teenager, and at sixteen years of age he is at the climax of his life. Being a part of a band, KISS FOREVER, is just the thing that boosts his social life through the roof, right?


His older brother Jason ruins that status for him in an instant. It isnít enough that Jason verbally, and physically abuses Will, but Jason is also a delinquent. His older brother regularly sets fire to things, and beats up younger children. His family prays and hopes that things will get better, doing all they can Ö until Jason goes too far.

Vandal, by Michael Simmons, is brimming with excitement, mystery and hardships. Full of confusion and secrecy, this mystery compelled me to read on and on, and with the story still embedded in my brain, I try to piece the baffling puzzle together.

I recommend this book for thirteen years and up. Five out of five stars for Vandal.


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