Sarah's Stars

Pam Withers. Vertical Limits
Walrus Books  $8.95  ISBN 1-55285-783-2  222 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

Jake Evans is fifteen years old and is a climber. He rock climbs for fun, and for sport. His best friend, Peter Montpetit, climbs as well, only on a different level. Peter has an irrational fear of heights.

When a climb in the Bugaboo Mountains comes up, Peter buys a video camera to document how Jake will climb the treacherous heights alone. Here they meet up with a girl named Katja, a runaway from the law. Now that they have her with them, things just keep getting more and more interesting.

This is a novel that should be read, if you love a good climax. I found that every time the story reached an exciting part, I was anxiously anticipating the next moment. It was awesome. I loved the way the author brought alive the sense of reality and fear.

I would recommend this book for twelve years and up. Humor and the seriousness of life come together to create a wonderfully planned story.

Four out of five stars for Vertical Limits. I took deducted one star because the novel has a bumpy start, but smoothed out nicely once it got going.


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