Mikki, Age 12, Saskatoon, SK

We talked,
You and I,
We confessed to each other,
Things we had never told any other,
Your girlfriend didn't know,
And I didn't care,

I cared about you now,
And I thought you cared for me,
Then one day,
You were mine,
I had won,
I was right,
You cared!

The last day before Christmas holidays,
Our one day together,
People asked,
People stared,
But we didn't care,
I was ecstatic,
You were mine,

One day during holidays,
You came online,
We talked,
Then you confused me,
You had to be alone?
Without me,

Next I find out,
You're not mine,
You're old girlfriend must be better,
I am hurt,
More than you will know,
But I still smile and shrug,
Maybe I was wrong about you,
But I still feel it,
The love for you,
I can't bear to talk to you anymore,

I was wrong,
You don't care,
You don't love me,
It was a two lane street,
But I was the only was there,
I was wrong,

So wrong.

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