I Want to Go to Africa!
Sona, Age 12, Nanaimo, BC

We could go to Russia,
Or maybe Japan or Espana,
Maybe even Australia,
But I really want to go to Africa!

I want to see the crocodiles,
The monkeys in the wild,
The birds that sing in high, shrill voices,
And giraffes all ten feet high!

I want to meet the people there,
See their African drums,
See their dances and their laughter,
And their voices that sing and hum.

I want to see the running rivers,
The fresh water streams,
The beautiful wild grasses,
And the wind blowing through the trees.

And most of all I want to see
Everything feeling so free,
And watch the elephants come stomping in,
And the people there smiling at me.

I want to go to Africa,
Not Russia nor Japan,
I want to go to Africa,
And be as happy as I can.

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