Sarah's Stars

Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain. Bass Ackwards and Belly Up
Little, Brown $22.99  ISBN 0-316-05793-2  386 pg.
Reviewed by Emma, Age 14

Kate, Sophie, Harper, and Becca are all about to start college. Best friends since middle school; they share everything, love each other infinitely, and are all equally distraught at the idea of moving apart. Harper will pursue her lifelong dream of studying creative writing at NYU; Kate is heading off to Harvard with her boyfriend and her plans to become a lawyer; Becca is looking forward to becoming a member of the top-of-the-country Middlebury ski team coached by her idol; Sophie is staying in Boulder to rot at the local university. Or so they all believe until Harper makes a stunning announcement, and suddenly their lives are bass ackwards and belly up!

Bass Ackwards and Belly Up is the first novel for Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain, who co-wrote the last two seasons of Angel, many other TV shows, and are currently scripting the Emmy Award-winning show The Shield. I recommend this novel to every teenage girl. Though it does deal with mature topics, this is a definite must-read, and perhaps a good choice for the winter holidays (it ends at Christmastime.) Also, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fans beware: this book is right up your alley!

Bass Ackwards, though not very well written, has a fantastic plot. It is full of new ideas, solid supporting characters, and well-placed information. The novel is obviously well thought out, and the four main characters established right away. Unfortunately, these four are a little bit confusing at the start—who am I currently reading about? —and the language is somewhat stilted. You definitely get more out of the novel the second time. Lucky for you, though, the life and times of these girls are worth reading twice.

Five stars for the novel, Bass Ackwards and Belly Up, and for Kate, Sophie, Harper, Becca, and their dreams, which inspired this story.


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