Sarah's Stars

David Ward.  Beyond the Mask
Scholastic  $6.99  ISBN 0-439-95787-7  201 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

Coriko, the main character, is found struggling with the complexities of war and relationships. He and his friends are now traveling across unknown lands and seas, in search of their true homes away from Grassland. New people are also brought into the story, and they begin to play a greater and greater role, as the story continues.

The newer characters were awesome! I thought that was a good touch that was much needed. It was a fantastic third novel! I thought it was interesting, as well as alluring, as the battle scenes became more and more frequent.

Considering the amount of war that is expressed in the script, I would have to say that this novel is more for the older twelve year old and up group. The writing is trembling with a tremendous amount of fear and difficulties. It was very appealing, and kept me turning pages until the very last word.

Five out of five stars for Beyond the Mask. I thought that it was absolutely brilliant. It was a splendid use of my time.


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