Sarah's Stars

Holly Bennett.  The Bonemenderís Oath
Orca $9.95  ISBN 978-1-55143-443-8  171 pg.
Reviewed by Kaelyn, Age 11

A single, haunting voice soared over the dark waters of the lake, sending the opening bars of the Lament for the Dead to meet the rising moon. Amplified by the water and the stillness of the night, the sound seemed to rise out of the silver light of the moonbeam itself.

I have to admit, this book was great. At first I thought it would be boring because it had so much war but the wonderful Gabrielle and her brother Tristan whirl you into the magic of the story. The brother and sister must go their separate ways to save the ones they love, but will they themselves live?

Holly Bennett, the author of The Bonemenderís Oath, is clever in the way she sets up each character for his or her own adventures. She helps us to really see that magic in itself can be found in the pages of a book.

This book had me reading Ďtil about three hours past my bedtime and when I wanted to close, it would drown me in its pages until I realized that I was on the last word. I would suggest this book to any who wish to enter a world of war, wonder, and last of all, magic.

This reviewer gives The Bonemenderís Oath five magical stars.


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