A Cacophony of People
Annie, Age 13, Northborough, MA

The world is a symphony orchestra.
It is a cacophony of people,
Full of different religions and races
And authentic backgrounds,
Making perfect harmony and balance.

We, the inhabitants,
The boys, girls, babies,
Children, adolescents and elderly,
The loving mothers and fathers,
Brothers, sisters, and teenagers,
The grandparents, grandchildren,
Nephews, nieces, and cousins,
The aunts, uncles, distant relatives,
First, second and third cousins,
The half-siblings and adopted,
All form a cacophony of people.

We, of different backgrounds,
The Asian, Chinese, Japanese,
European, French, and Russian,
The African, Indian, German,
Korean, Spanish, and Mexican,
The North American, South American,
Australian, Irish, and Israeli,
The Italian, British, Austrian,
Canadian, Islanders and Greenlanders,
And everyone with mixed cultures,
All form a cacophony of people.

We, of different religions,
The Christians, Jews, Catholic,
Buddhists, Muslims, and Protestants,
The Hindu and Animists,
Pagan, Methodists, and Orthodox,
The children of different tribes,
Taoists, Confucians, and Sikh,
The followers of Jainism,
Shinto, and the Bahá’í faith,
The Atheists and non-religious,
All form a cacophony of people.

The instruments in an orchestra,
The woodwinds, strings,
Brass, and procession,
Are all made from different materials-
Some with oak, maple or birch,
Brass, skins, or plastic-
And in a different way,
But they are all part that one orchestra.
We are all that way too:
We may be different,
In relations, backgrounds or religion,
But we all make up one Earth,
Harmonized and united together.

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