Kate, Age 12, Vancouver, BC

black or white
up or down
thoughts are swirling round and round

east to west
north to south
I feel different from my toes to my mouth

tears joy emotions
peace or war
memories, hundreds millions maybe more

dizzy with the questions
so horribly heart-aching
I wish I knew the reasons for all of life's heart-breaking.

why did I have to go and fall in love
all it does it get your hopes too high
you feel like a bird and just wanna take off and fly

your heart stops beating
your mouth stops eating
what's wrong with me-what did I do

I think it's cuz I know deep down that
after time we will be through

am I really in love does this feel right
are you really right there through day or night

I really don't but I want to find out
cuz maybe there is a place for you in my heart.

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