Sarah's Stars

A.J. Lake.  The Coming of Dragons
Bloomsbury  $5.99  ISBN 0-7475-7062-0  240 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

It all begins with a shipwreck during a ferocious storm. Edmund and Elspeth are two children, and are the only ones to survive. They wash up on the shores of a beach, and that is where the adventure takes place. They both inherit unwanted powers, and set out on a dangerous journey.

This novel was exciting and well equipped with fantasy, as well as adventure. It gives the reader a thrill and an urge to read faster and faster. The characters are all very unusual. This eccentricity kept me interested and kept me turning pages.

I would recommend this book for ages eleven or twelve, and up. The book does have some violence in it. A.J. Lake has a powerful way of affecting the reader with his words.

Five out of five stars for The Coming of Dragons because the novel had so many fight scenes! The blood and the insanity of the evil characters were totally wicked.


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