Everyone Is Happy in Heaven
Andrea, Age 11, Wymark, SK

It was a normal every day Saturday morning. Andrea had spent the first part of the morning watching Cartoons. Her Mom came up to her. “Andrea, could you please clean your room before the afternoon”?

“Mom why do I have to get it done before the afternoon?” Andrea whined.

“Because we are going to a funeral, Sally’s brother died.” 

“So” said Logan, Andrea's little brother. “We never met him”.

“No” said my Mom. “But Sally has always been very nice to us. And we should do something for her, remember her son was killed before he graduated”.

“OK” Andrea said before Logan could file any more complaints.

It was half an hour before the funeral. Andrea was getting ready. She had decided to wear a dress and to curl her hair. After a lot of pruning she was ready. The family piled in the car and they were off.

They arrived early. They went up to Sally. She looked very upset. Andrea’s parents talked for a while. Suddenly Sally burst into tears. Andrea had an idea. She said “Sally, don’t cry. I am sure your brother is in Heaven and does not want you to be upset and you know everyone is happy in Heaven”.

Sally smiled despite her tears. “Yes” she said softly. When I got home I realized I had helped Sally feel just a little bit better.  Nobody could stop her from missing her brother but someone could always help ease the pain.

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