Sarah's Stars

Andrea Spalding. Heart of the Hill
Orca $9.95  ISBN 1-55143-486-5  174 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

Owen, Holly, Chantel and Adam are brought back to life, in the third book of ĎThe Summer of Magic Quartetí. It is Adamís turn to shine, when Wise One Myrddin chooses him to find his mystical staff. The magical tool is concealed deep inside the core of Glastonbury Tor. Mean while, the Dark Being prowls the shadows, and is scheming an attack on earth and the Wise Oneís aiming to destroy the light for good.

The magic is dazzling! The way spells and mystery elements are entwined into the novelís plot is genius. The story really made the imaginary dream world pop off the pages for me. Again, Andrea Spalding puts a remarkable amount of detail into the characters.

I would recommend this book for anyone eleven years and up. The novel really can make you believe in magic. It convinces you of Old Magic and ancient times, when spells and unexplained phenomenon were made.

Five out of five stars because I always had an eye for fantasy.


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