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Rob Kidd. Jack Sparrow: The Coming Storm
Disney $6.99  ISBN 1-4231-0018-2  136 pg.
Reviewed by Mathew, Age 12

It all started when Jack Sparrow, an adventurous young man, stole back his sack that the mighty Captain Torrents, a 7-foot tall pirate had taken from him. After causing an uproar, that nearly caused the tavern that he was in to be destroyed, the tavern owner’s daughter, Arabella, rescued him from being killed by the murderous captain. However, soon after finding the sack, he pulls from it the scabbard to the Sword of Cortez, a legendary sword that is rumored to be able to forage kingdoms.  So, three days later, the two set out to an island to find the lost sword of Cortez. Will they find it?? Or will they die trying??

Rob Kidd wrote the Coming Storm. I personally think that he is a very imaginative author and can really make you picture what is happening in the book and what the characters look like.  The only way I could possibly even think to improve this exciting book would be to make it just a little bit longer.  As far as my knowledge goes, Rob Kidd has also written two other books, named The Siren Song, and The Pirate Chase, both part of the Jack Sparrow series.

I would recommend this book for anyone who likes non-stop action and is under the age of about 14, because of the length.  Another thing that I liked about this book was the descriptiveness, because instead of only describing a couple of things clearly, and just briefly telling of the other ones, Rob Kidd described in a fair amount of detail, each and ever object that was mentioned in the book.

I give Jack Sparrow:  The Coming Storm four stars.


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