Just Think
Kate, Age 12, Vancouver, BC

When you're feeling really bad and you gotta stay in bed
all you gotta do is think of where you'd rather be instead.
Up in the sky or at the bottom of the sea,
flying way up high just like a bumble bee
Or maybe like a big sunflower standing in the blazing sun
Or maybe like a ladybug flying, having fun
Think of exploring some vast and unknown place
Think of visiting everyone, every color, creed and race
Imagine climbing right to the top of high and mighty Everest
Imagine walking right through all desserts without rest
Wish that you are walking on top of a cloud
Wish that you're a winner oh so proud
Remember all the times that were so great
Remember all the happenings that brought you this fate.
Be all you can be even though you are sick
Don't ever give give up or any of that frick
And know that tomorrow brings a new day
Know that you should celebrate in every possible way.
And know that we are friends and friends we will stay.

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