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Meja Mwangi. The Mzungu Boy
Groundwood Books  $18.95  ISBN  0-88899-653-5  148 pg.
Reviewed by Rachael, Age 13

That fateful morning we had woken up to find our village surrounded by soldiers. Hundreds upon hundreds of heavily armed white soldiers. They rounded us all up- every man, woman and child- and herded us into the cattle auction pen outside the village. There they made us sit on fresh cow dung to wait for Bwana Ruin.

Bwana Ruin. The most powerful, yet most feared man in the entire village. He was in charge of the entire area, and would not let anyone forget it.  When the Mzungu Boy (Bwana Ruinís grandson) comes to the village, he quickly becomes friends with Kariuki, Bwana Ruinís chef; things go from bad, to worse.

The Mzungu Boy touched on every emotion I have.  It was a very well rounded story that made me really realise how well I have it.  I canít stop replaying some of the scenes in my mind. They seemed so real. When I was reading, it was as if I was watching a movie; with every detail etched in. It was amazing!

I found some of the parts a little too graphic for me, but in the end, you really needed to have it, so you could fully understand the whole concept.  I would recommend this book for ages 12-14 as it has some mature content.

The Mzungu Boy was a great book that I enjoyed very much. Five stars!


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