Never Stops
Hailey, Age 12, Chilliwack, BC

Hearts will keep on beating
Rain will keep on falling
Sun will keep on shining
Cars will keep on moving
People will keep on living
The wind will keep on blowing
The world will never stop

People will be crying
Hearts will be broken
Diseases will be spread
People will be hungry
People will be mad
People will die
The world will never stop

Seasons will change
Years will pass you by
Months will drag on
Weeks will continue
Days will fly by
Lives will be lived
The world will never stop

Your world will be shattered
Into millions of sharp pieces
Everything will seem terrible
But the world never stops
It never stops for you or for me
It will not wait

While you stand broken
People will walk past you, without even knowing
They will be absorbed in their own thoughts
See, the world never stops

So seize the day while you can
Make sure you never ban
Anything you think you cannot
Donít leave anything reserved for id-i-ots
Live your life the way you will, but I'm making sure you know
The world never stops

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