That Night of the Unforgettable Kiss
Cati, Age 15, York, SC

A dark night fills me with wonder,
I dream of my true love's kiss.
I sit on my bed, my thoughts like thunder,
as I think of my much enchanted bliss.

I look to my window to see something,
and I sit up to make it clear.
My heart thumps with an unforgettable sting,
of my true love being near.

I walk to my window, looking about,
searching in the darkness outside.
When a haunting voice calls, not a shout,
but for me calmly to confide.

I step out my window, a hand reaches to me,
as I step on the cold ground to him.
I think in my head how this is meant to be,
but my mind seems to suddenly swim.

He takes my hand and grabs my waist,
telling me to hold on tight.
I fall in his arms, and feel that taste,
of a vampire kissing me at night.

I've dreamed of that kiss, me with him,
to feel the way I do.
When he kissed me, it shook every limb,
like an emotion to me that's new.

That kiss, oh that kiss, changed my life,
from the second he called to me.
My life now is filled with strife,
of haunting victims, you see.

I love my guardian, but feel so bad,
of wanting to take that night back.
I see in his eyes that he knows I'm sad,
but there's no way he can cut me some slack.

He gave me his love, but offered in return,
a life of an unforgettable desire,
the night he made my heart freeze and burn,
of becoming his immortal vampire!

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