The Passerby
Cati, Age 15, York, SC

I sat outside every day,
watching as people walked by.
Happier than ever,
when I saw the Passerby.
I enjoyed his sight,
his darkness and wonder.
He never glanced to me,
which made me even fonder.
I sat in summer, autumn, winter, spring,
in snow, sleet, rain, or shine.
Each and every day,
and never did I whine.
He wore a cloak every day,
me not knowing why.
I just sat on my bench
and just watched the Passerby.
One cold snowy day,
I started to cough and whine.
He glanced to me, walked to me,
but I only said I was fine.
He took me home to which I laid,
not knowing what to do.
I was sicker than I had ever been,
and I didn't know it was you.
My old friend from long ago,
I had watched from awry.
Not knowing how important you were,
that certain Passerby.
That night I did not know,
I was soon to die.
He told me he loved me,
that amazing Passerby.

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