A Poem
Sofia, Age 11, Basque Country, Spain

This is a poem
for poems are fun!
Look how I run
along the green grass!
Fragile like glass
is the water from the river
But people don't mind
Oh the things you can find!
Glass bottles and plastic
bits of cardboard and tins
Poor fish, oh poor fish!
They can barely move their fins!
They cannot live there
And many many die
Oh why, oh why?
Must they die?
The river is no longer silver,
it is greenish or grey
There's no animals in the forest,
for they cannot play!
A gerbil, for instance
trapped in a bottle,
No flowers, no trees,
Oh please!
I beg you my friend
and wish not to offend
But could you, oh would you, help us a bit?
You see, the last person I tried was rather a twit!
So please don't make fires
do not throw rubbish,
for nature is dying!!

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