Sarah's Stars

Amy Goldman Koss.  Poison Ivy
Roaring Brook Press  $22.95  ISBN 1-59643-118-0  176 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 12

The author does an amazing job of expressing the feelings of a student who is constantly being bullied by a small group of her peers.  Although I found the format of the book very confusing, I believe that the book contained a very important message.  The message being, that bullying isnít right and that it needs to stop.  Readers, ages 9-12, would probably enjoy Poison Ivy.

Poison Ivy is about a group of popular girls, The Anns, who pick on Ivy.  They have tormented her forever, and gave her the nickname Poison Ivy.  When the teacher finds out about the bulling, she decides because they are studying the government that they will have a trial.  The girlsí classmates are less than happy to be doing this, especially when they hear that they get to be witnesses, jury members and legal representatives.  After the selections of the jury and other positions the trial begins.  What will the final verdict be?

This was a good book, but, as I said before, the format was really confusing.  Poison Ivy deserves three stars.


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