The Sandwich Maker
Sofia, Age 11, Basque Country, Spain

He lived in a small flat near the sea. Every morning he woke up with the sound of the waves and he walked to the baker's. He had no money, but he played a beautiful tune with his flute and the baker gave him two loaves of fresh bread. Then the old man went to the farmer's house. He still had no money to buy anything, but he pressed the flute to his lips and after playing his music, the farmer gave him his best pig from the whole farm, the sweetest milk of the best cow and his best tomatoes from the whole vegetable patch. So the old man thanked him and went to the best cook in town. He gave him the pig, the milk and the vegetable, and after playing his flute, the cook turned the pig into ham, the milk into cheese and butter and the tomato into the best tomato sauce in the whole world. And so the old man went back to his little flat and sliced his bread. He buttered it and put the ham and cheese inside, poured tomato sauce and put everything in the oven less than one minute. As it warmed up, the smell of cheese reached his nostrils.

He played the flute and opened the oven. The bread was soft and warm, the cheese melted and the juicy ham dripping tomato sauce between the buttered bread.

And so the sandwich maker went to the farmer, the cook and the baker and gave them a piece of sandwich each. They thanked him and ate.

And that's the story about the old sandwich maker, who passed his secret recipe down to my neighbour's grandmother, who makes the best sandwiches in town!!

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