Sarah's Stars

Valerie Sherrard.  Sarah’s Legacy
Dundurn Press  $12.99  ISBN 978-1-55002-602-3  199 pg.
Reviewed by Rachael, Age 13

Life, as Sarah knew it, was at an all time low. Her and her mother were barely getting by on the low income, and all they could focus on was having enough money for food and shelter. When Sarah’s mother receives a letter from the lawyer’s office, she nearly faints of shock. Sarah and her mother have inherited a home of their own, along with a large sum of money, and some rather unusual pets. So off they go all the way to New Brunswick, not too sure what to expect. The neighbour proceeds to tell Sarah that she is to look for a certain old chest within which everything that matters will be discovered.

Sarah’s Legacy is written by Valerie Sherrard. Her previous novels include Kate, Sam’s Kite, and the Shelby Belgarden mysteries.  She has received many awards, and much praise for her books. She currently lives in Miramichi, New Brunswick, with her husband, Brent.

Sarah’s legacy was a great book, which I enjoyed reading very much. Though, in the end, I still had a few unanswered questions. This, I quite enjoyed at the end of a chapter, as it would make me want to keep on reading. However, at the end, I still wanted to know more.

This book had great vocabulary, and wonderful descriptions that put pictures in my mind. I would recommend this book for children ages 10-14 as it was the perfect reading level for me, with its many connections for preteens.

I give Sarah’s Legacy four stars.


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