Sarah's Stars

Jen Calonita.  Secrets of My Hollywood Life
Little, Brown and Co.  $22.99  ISBN  0-316-15442-3  245 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 12

Jen Calonita is an excellent author, who excels in capturing the life of not only a teenager, but also an up and coming actress.  There is never a dull moment throughout the book; you always want to know what happens next.  I would definitely recommend this book to girls, twelve years and older.

Sixteen-year-old Kaitlin Burke is co-star of one of the most popular TV shows.  Most people would die to be her, but as much as she loves her life she really wants to experience what a normal life is like.  Kaitlin and her best friend, Liz, decide that she can enroll in Lizís school for a couple months under disguise.  But as the days at normal school go by, she finds that school is just as hard as Hollywood.  She has never had two lives before and now with juggling school and her Hollywood commitments will she fold under the 24/7 pressures?

Secrets of my Hollywood Life deserves five stars.


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