Sarah's Stars

Patricia McCormick.  Sold
Hyperion  $21.99  ISBN 0-7868-5171-6  288 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

Lakshmi is thirteen years old. She lives with her kind mother, and her wicked stepfather. Her family is at a terrible loss for money, thanks to her gambling father, who throws all their money away on chances in a card game. They need a new roof over their heads, more clothes, and more food… But how do they get the money?

Lakshmi finds out soon enough, when her father says he is sending her away to do maid’s work for a richer family. That is what she thinks she is doing, until she meets a cruel old lady named Mumtaz, who informs her that her family has just sent her away to be a prostitute. Throughout the story Lakshmi meets new friends, and finds out how utterly awful reality can be. She now has to survive in a new world.

This book was very well written. It was different, and short, but it had some good features. The main character, Lakshmi, was so innocent that it nearly broke my heart to read her going through all the hardships that a slave-girl must endure. The novel is written through her point of view and I admired how practical her persona seemed to be. Her feelings and her words were very much like thirteen year olds would be.

I would recommend this book for people fourteen years old and up. It has adult situations and mature content.

This novel gets five out of five stars. It is a splendid read that has a way of reaching out to you. The realization of what happens to girls like Lakshima is amazingly shocking.


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