Andrea, Age 11, Wymark, SK

I bet every girl wants a pony. Well, I bet I wanted one the most. Sure my Mom owned a horse, but I wanted a pony to call my own. But to tell you, I better start at the beginning.

It was the last week in March and the first Riding Lesson of the year. There was a small black Welsh Pony tied up by the wall. I asked Mom who owned the pony and what was its name. My Mom said her friend Jenny owned the pony and her name was Misty.

I went up to Misty and by the time it was my class Misty and I were friends. Of course sometimes I got frustrated with Misty when she did not do what I asked but I really loved her.

Soon it was July. Misty would have to go to her new owners. I was really upset. I got to ride her one last time. I was crying. Then Mom told me she was the one who bought Misty.  She had set it up. It was all a surprise. I was so happy.

So one thing you should know: always expect the impossible!!! Because you never will know what will happen!

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